Cape Palmerston

You’ll find a mesmerizing escapade of Cape Palmerston National Park 115 km south-east of Mackay, few kilometers from it is the Cape Palmerston Cape Creek camping area, that can be reached through a four-wheel drive where the overlooking Ince Bay, a popular rest spot of anglers is found.

Cape Palmerston Cape Creek camping area is located on a small peninsula bordered by a creek mouth and a beach. Compact mangroves many branches makes a line of Cape Creek. Oaks provides shade and shelter on the campsites. They also have well-built facilities which include pit toilets and picnic tables. An easy access to water is a plus for those hooked in fishing and boating. So make sure to stock up baits, food and plenty of drinking water. A great way to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones.

Cape Palmerston’s clean and fresh coastal environment is almost untouched making the surrounding waters copious in marine life, an amplitude of fishes, mud crabs and also keep an eye on crocodiles as you might encounter them, so better watch out for them. Bream, flathead, and cod are popular chases in this area, with anglers also reporting catching slender tom heads, mangrove jacks and queenfish. Fishing off the rocks or off the coast in a tinny will increase your chances of reeling in reef fish or mackerel, what a great catch that would be?

The overlooking Ince bay is zoned as a Dugong protected area.

Rules should be followed and applied, which are simple and pretty easy if you are a law-abiding citizen. Keeping in track to the vehicle and walking trails are one. There are designated areas in which you can camp, it is through this that preservation to fragile vegetation is implemented. And also keep your surroundings clean, so whatever you bring inside the camp you have to bring it back with you. So be sure to follow the regulations for a worry free experience.

You can camp with a suitable tent beside your car or camper trailers, at night you may choose to create bonfires, storytelling and sing camping songs which can be a highlight during the night. The sandy and grassy surface can be cold at night so be sure to bring comfy blankets for a comfortable sleep.

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