Whitehaven Beach – Your Next Holiday Destination

Imagine yourself castaway in paradise island for a day. What would you bring? Whom will you be with? And what will you do? Let us help you create the scenario for your perfect escape on Whitehaven Beach.


Whitehaven beach has 7 kilometres of mysterious white, snowy sand, which does not retain the heat of the sun. Composed of 98% pure silica, the grain is finer than any regular beach in Australia. Glistening and glowing due to minerals, the fine grain has a soft tender feel making the beach perfect for sunbathing and getting the sand between your toes.


The gorgeous blue water encompassing the coast makes up beautiful swirling colours of blue, turquoise and green. Perch yourself on the favoured spot called Hill Inlet Lookout to spot this beholding view. You do have to endure a short trek to get to this spot it will surely worth the time and effort. Your reward? You will be on the perfect place to capture the best view of Australia’s most famous beach.

A day trip is too short to enjoy the beauty of Whitehaven Beach. Camp and stay for few nights to see the glorious sunset and on the island. Enjoy a drink or two while beholding the sight of the sun as it slowly disappears in the horizon. Watch the changing colours of the sky and relax over the sight of nature at its best and unspoiled state. By camping you can also get th

e opportunity to see the sun as it rises from the blue waters which creates another great photo opportunity.

As this is part way to the reef you may want to dive and explore the Great Barrier Reef. See the colourful fishes and corals and get a chance to swim with the gentle whale and turtles as well. Be on a lookout for over 1500 species of fishes including the famous Nemo from the movie.

Remember to bring your camera for taking memorable pictures. Don’t expect to be receiving calls, emails and messages as a Whitehaven Beach adventure is a total technology detox as Wi-Fi signal is not available in the area. Get ready for a day of enjoying the breathtaking view of the sea, sand and wonders of the natural world.

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