Humpback Whales in the Whitsundays

If you're a fisherman or boating enthusiast in the Whitsundays, you're sure to have had many encounters and stories of seeing Humpback Whales in the Whitsundays. As common as it is during the whale migration season, seeing an animal so big and majestic is not something you can easily take for granted. What is most amazing about these giant mammals is their inquisitiveness and desire to admire us as much as we do them. It is quite common for them to show off and want to check out your boat as they roll onto their sides or poke their head out of the water.

Humpback Whales migrate north from Antartica passing through the Whitsundays in July heading for warmer water to give birth to their calves. There is a constantly moving population pushing north before returning south again with their not so little calves in tow. The best times to view whales with reliable consistency is from July to September in the Whitsundays region. During this time you have the chance to see whales up to 18m long weigh close to 40 tons calmly swimming, playing and often breaching the water. Their impressive aerial display displaces 1000's of litres of water on impact. The mothers are often tired from travelling and as they have to provide around 300L of milk per day to the rapidly growing offspring it's not uncommon to see them resting and very nonchalant to surrounding activities.

Those keen to observe natures largest living mammals can spend the day or half day enjoying the scenery of the Whitsundays on a relaxed charter watching these beautiful animals. A trip to the reef during the whale season will surely result in sighting many passing groups. If you don't fancy a boat trip, you may be lucky enough to see Humpbacks close to shore. For some residents of the Whitsunday Vacations properties, the luxury of seeing Whales from their balconies is a common occurrence. It's just one of the advantages of staying in the best Airlie Beach Accommodation.

The Whitsundays and Airlie Beach is a great escape from the winter cold with many people making the trip to enjoy the sun and the tropical water. For the best Whitsundays Accommodation in Airlie Beach, we recommend checking out the attached link for affordable luxury accommodation that will make it the trip of a lifetime.

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