Cannonvale Beach

cannonvale-beach-cyclone -wreck
cannonvale Beach-wreck

Cannonvale Beach is a tidal beach which can be accessed via Beach road off Shute Harbour road in Cannonvale.

On low tide you can access the mud flats which stretch for almost 100 metres to fossick for shells or small crabs hiding in the mud. The beach has a lush strip of grass that runs right along the water on high tide and a path that’s great for long scenic walks along the water’s edge running past the marina and heading into town.

The associated park has free parking and BBQ facilities and several double sided picnic areas with cover, tables and power. With a nearby cafe to grab a bite to eat or a coffee, the beach is a great place to watch the boats and yachts sail past in the tropical green waters.

The beach usually has swimming nets in summer that can be used on high tide which help the risk of stingers. Stingers can be a problem in warmer months from November to March with Irukandji being the most common. The other jellyfish to be aware of it’s larger relative the box jellyfish and extra precautions can be taken by wearing stinger suits which are a very thin material suit that stop tentacle stinging the swimmer.

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