Daydream Island

Daydream island is a small holiday paradise only 2.5km from the mainland and 9km from Airlie Beach.

Accessible from 3 local marinas there are several tourist operators that provide access to the island daily. Barely 300m wide and 1 km long the island has many attractions at your fingertips to keep you entertained.

With a lovely resort to cater to all your needs for a romantic getaway or somewhere to entertain the family for a day or a week. With rooms overlooking the ocean or the local rainforest could there be a better place to watch the sun rise or set?

Highlights of the island include it’s laid back nature with a backdrop to several other islands and a fringing reef that provides great snorkelling. With plenty of water sports on offer, an outdoor cinema, mini golf, an outdoor aquarium and resort pools to swim.

There are 3 beautiful beaches to enjoy that are great for swimming, fishing, kayaking, sailing or jetsking and being located within the Great Barrier Marine Park you are likely to encounter all the local species of fish and birds of the area in their pristine environment. June to September is a great time to see whales pass close to the island with their new calves.

They often enjoy the warm winter waters that provide a safe habitat to breed and raise their calf before heading further south as the temperature rises.

Many tours operate out of Airlie Beach and Daydream Island and it quite possibly is the perfect destination to use as your stepping stone to everything the Whitsundays has to offer.


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