Hook Island


Hook Island is located 20km from both Shute Harbour and Abell Point Marina in the Whitsundays region. It is one of the largest islands in the chain of 74 and the second largest behind the neighbouring Whitsunday Island in the Cumberland group.

Hook island offers so much for the naturist with walks and lookouts which showcase what the Whitsundays typifies. Once inhabited by the local Ngaro Aboriginal people the island boasts rock wall paintings at the Ngaro Cultural site which is accessible by a short walk from within Nara Inlet.

Hook island is surrounded by fringing reef and is renowned for its fishing of both reef and game fish species.

With so many bays and secluded beaches, it’s no wonder why it’s a favourite location for boating as there are so many safe havens for mooring the boat day or night.

It’s important to remember that certain areas are off limits for fishing as they are green zones but this only enhances the prospect of seeing so many different species while snorkelling.

With so many options it’s no wonder Hook Island is a popular location for tour operators, locals and tourists alike.

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