Newry Islands National Park

The Newry Islands National park covers 8 Islands ranging from around 5kms off the Seaforth coast and 41km from Mackay.

All islands can be accessed by private vessel but due to the shallow waters in the area, care should be taken when navigating to and from the coast.

Seaforth provides well-equipped boat launching facilities and the islands offer great entertainment in the form of exploring, fishing and bushwalking. There are several designated hiking tracks and pockets of beach to relax and enjoy the view. As the area is tidal it is worth noting the tide charts as a low tide could see your boat high and dry for several hours.

The 3 main islands that have camping facilities are Newry Island, Outer Newry Island and Rabbit Island.

Newry Island can accommodate 36 people and is a large open area with a pit toilet and camping tables.

Outer Newry Island will accommodate 12 people, it has a pit toilet and camp tables

Rabbit Island- Tugs Point can only take bookings for 6 people and has a pit toilet.

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