Cape Palmerston Beach Access


Everything about Cape Palmerston is great but after driving through the lush winding scrub and seeing glimpses of the ocean along the way it’s nice to finally reach the long stretching beach and seemingly endless ocean scape. Once you reach the beach you need to turn left and decide which campsite best suits your needs and there are 3 sites offering different options.

The beach access can be tide dependant and navigating it outside of high tide is recommended. High on the beach is quite soft and the large pebbles make it a rocky ride but driving on the once water-covered sand is usually the best option. This sand is fairly compact and as long as you keep your momentum you should be right as long as you have a 4wd.

Due diligence should always be taken when beach driving and considering the large tides it always important to make sure you have recovery equipment. You should always be aware that trying to beat a quickly rising tide is not recommended if it’s close to high tide. Generally, the beach shouldn’t present too many problems if your vehicle is capable and more often than not there may be another car not too far away that could assist in a recovery if needed.

This beach is quite often used as a beach launch for small vessels but this is not recommended without prior knowledge of conditions and tides. If you choose to camp on this beach you will find clearings that are suitable for a tent otherwise, there are other camping options you can research in the area.

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