Coral Trout
Barred-cheek coral trout
Blue spotted coral trout (Chinese footballer)
Common coral trout (leopard trout)
Coronation trout
Highfin coral trout
Lyretail trout
Squaretail coral trout (passionfruit trout)
Cods and groupers
Areolate rockcod
Barrumundi Cod
Black-tipped rockcod
Blacksaddle rockcod
Blue Maori
Blue-lined rockcod
Blue-spotted rockcod
Brown-barred rockcod
Camouflage grouper
Chinaman rockcod
Comet Grouper
Coral cod
Coral rockcod
Flowery rockcod
Four saddle rockcod
Greasy rockcod
Peacock rockcod
Potato rockcod
Queensland groper
Six bar rockcod
Six spot rockcod
Speckled-fin rockcod
Strawberry rockcod
Tomato rockcod
Trout cod
White-lined rockcod
White-spotted rockcod
Red Eared Emperor
Red Throat Emperor (Sweetlip Emperor)
Robinsons Sea Bream
Spangled Emperor
Sweet Lip Emperor
Yellow Spotted Emperor
Yellow Striped Emperor
Yellow Tailed Emperor
Yellowlip Emperor
Gold Lined Seabream
Japanese Sea Bream
Painted Sweetlips (Slatey Bream)
Yellow and Blue Fusilier
Lunar Fusiler
Anchor Tuskfish
Black Spot Tuskfish
Blue Tuskfish
Humphead Maori Wrasse
Tripletail Maori Wrasse
Venus Tuskfish
Bigeye Seaperch
Black Spot Snapper
Bluestripe Seaperch
Brownstripe Seaperch (Browne Hussar)
Protected Species Tidal Waters
Barramundi cod
Chinaman Fish
Humphead Maori wrasse
Potato cod
Queensland groper
Red bass
Female mud crabs
Female blue swimmer crabs
Egg-bearing spanner crabs
Egg-bearing bugs
Egg-bearing and tar-spot tropical rocklobsters
Oher egg-bearing sea bugs, slipper lobsters and crayfish
Narrow sawfish,-part-3/narrow-sawfish
dwarf sawfish,-part-3/dwarf-sawfish
freshwater sawfish,-part-3/freshwater-sawfish
green sawfish,-part-3/green-sawfish
great white sharks,-part-2/white-shark
grey nurse sharks,-part-2/grey-nurse-shark
speartooth sharks,-part-1/speartooth-shark
Protected Species Fresh waters
Mary River Cod
Common Inshore and Esturine Species
Australian bass
Great Barracuda
Striped Barracuda
Blue swimmer crab (sand crab)
Bartailed flathead
Dusky flathead
Northern sand flathead
Yellowtailed flathead
Grass emperor (sweetlip)
Barred Javelin
Silver Javelin
Black Jewfish
Silver Jewfish
Mangrove Jack
Mackerel and tuna
Australian bonito
Grey mackerel
Leaping bonito
Longtail tuna
Mackerel tuna
School mackerel
Shark mackerel
Spanish mackerel
Spotted mackerel
Yellowfin tuna
Mahi mahi
Moreton bay bug
Mud crab (mangrove crab)
Sea Mullet
Diamondscale Mullet
Pearl perch
Goldspot Rockcod (Estuary Cod)
Blackspotted rockcod (estuary cod)
Pikey Bream
Yellowfin Bream
Spanner crab (frog crab)
Blue Threadfin
King Threadfin
Barred queenfish
Bigeye trevally
Blackbanded amberjack
Giant queenfish
Giant trevally
Golden trevally
Snub-nosed dart
Swallow-tailed dart
Yellowtail kingfish
Tropical rock lobster
Golden snapper (Fingermark)
Goldenline whiting
Northern whiting
Sand whiting
Stout whiting
Trumpeter (winter) whiting
Wolf Herring
Fresh Water Species
Australian bass
Freshwater catfish (eel-tailed catfish)
Freshwater sawfish,-part-3/freshwater-sawfish
Golden perch (yellowbelly)
Jungle perch
Khaki grunter
Longfin eel
Mangrove jack
Mary River cod
Murray cod
Northern saratoga
Pacific shortfin eel
Sea mullet
Snubnose garfish
Sooty grunter
Southern saratoga
Southern shortfin eel
Spiny crayfish

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