Fishing with down riggers

Downrigging fishing is a method of trolling that uses a manual or electric winch and weight ( known as the cannonball) to carry your fishing lines and lures to a desired depth in the ocean or river where feeding fish are located.

While downrigging is thought to ne a deep water fishing technique, it is more accurately understood as a method of “controlled depth” fishing as you can control the depth of your lure of bait presentation, you can place your lures at any depth from just under the surface to 100 metres deep and keep them running at that depth.

So, once you’ve determined what depth the fish are biting you can use the down riggers to keep your lures in the feeding zone.

What happens when a fish hits? Well when your lure or swimming bait is taken, the fish will pull your line from the line release clip.

This will then allow you to fight the fish like a normal hook up and without the weight of the down rigger.

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