Live bait fishing

Live bait is arguably one of the most effective bait because in many fishing situations, nothing beats the real thing. Additional to this technique’s success is the ‘live’ factor, so it’s therefore critical you handle and store your baits in a way to ensure longevity of the bait.

Live bait fishing tips

Live bait care starts at capture. Use different styles of hooks, such as long-shank hooks, to avoid handling fish. Such hooks as long-shank makes it easy to shake the bait off directly into your live bait tank without touching it which can impact the longevity of the bait.

Also limit your need to put hands into the live bait tank or bucket. Its important the water must be kept as clean as possible to maintain the bait’s health and your hands may carry traces of dirt, sunscreen or fuel for example.

To retrieve a bait, use nets such as a small scoop net, like the kind commonly sold for use in household domestic fish tanks.

Live bait rigs

Depending on the type of fish you are chasing there are a number of different rigs you can use.  Hopefully these vids help you catch that dream fish!

Live baiting for Barramundi

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