Rewards centre

  • At Endless Oceans we take pride in the service we offer and strive every day to ensure our members are happy.
  • In exchange for user input and for helping us get exposure, we reward our members with points when using this site.
  • You can even get points for winning competitions.
  • All points received go towards increasing your site status and put you first in line to get free giveaways.

How do I get points?

  • Become a member 20 points
  • Refer a friend 20 points
  • Post a Recent Catch 20 points (max once per day)
  • Post a topic 10 points
  • Comment on a topic 2 points
  • Daily login 5 points (max once a day)

How many point do you need?

  •   0-249 Points is a Newbie
  •   250-499 Points is a Deckhand
  •   500-999 Point is a Lieutenant
  •   1000-1999 Points is a Captain
  •   2000 points and above is an Admiral

Top ranking members receive sample products and giveaways
Points system can change anytime without notice and those considered abusing the system will have points removed at EO’s discretion



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